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Business plan quality is key to Tier 1 entrepreneur visa application.

The process by which applications are made makes it simple for some Tier 1 entrepreneur visa applicants to view the process as a walk-in park. Convincing the UK immigration authority about your genuine intention of establishing your business in the UK or meeting up with other criteria as required by the Home office is demanding. It is on record that majority of application are refused by UK immigration authority on the ground of a timid business plan which fails to give insight into mode of operation. Likewise, publications have shown it that out of every good numbers of applicants, only a handful are successful and this not unconnected with applicants’ failure to produce a detailed biodata and accurate information as it relates to the proposed business. There are still other commonest factors applicants must be wary in order for their application to be successful.

  • Producing a good business plan: This is the focal point when making a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa application. Firstly, you must present a comprehensive business plan that can fully convince the immigration authority about its economic importance and either it can create at least two jobs for settled persons in the UK. Anything shot of this standard can not scale through the Home office.

  • You must not fail to show evidence having access to £200.000k as your investment fund. Although, in the case of applicants who are already on a post study Tier 1 visa, a different condition applies. For instance, their investment fund is £000k. It is important to know that this funds must have been held in a regulated financial institution like banks in the UK and if the funds are outside UK, then it must be freely transferred to the UK and converted to UK currency.

  • You must also prove to the UK immigration authority that you are financially buoyant and must not depend on third party for financial assistance. That is to say, you are financially self-sufficient. Note that this fund are different to the money set aside for investment fund. For those applying outside UK, the will need to prove to UK authority that they have at least £3.310 of their personal savings which they must have held for a consecutive period of three months till the day of application. Whereas, it is a different ball game for those seeking for further leave to remain which is also refer to as LTR, they have to show evidence of personal savings of not less than £945

  • In the UK, English language is viewed as the language of business and communication and this is vital in the acquisition of Tier 1 entrepreneur visa. You must prove to the home office officials of your knowledge in the use of English language.

If you intend to apply for a tier 1 entrepreneur visa, we strongly advise you do that under the tutelage or guidance of a professional business plan writer for efficiency.


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