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Business plan writing services for a tier 1 entrepreneur- visa from experienced immigration entrepreneur.

With our vast experience in the visa and immigration businesses and our success rate in recent times as it concerns entrepreneur visa issues we are your sure link to a success story. Our services to clients in recent times have made us to know that in order to pass the genuine entrepreneurship test, your business plan as a vital document must certainly play an important role in the success of your Tier 1 entrepreneur visa application. We know from experience that this is the sure way for the home office official to review your commitment, investment capacity and your ability to add to the growth of the United Kingdom’s economy. In order for you to be successful in your Tier 1 visa application, you have to be aware of factors that the home office officials look out for in your business plan.

Organized and standard business plan:  In the UK, the fact remains that for any business entrepreneur to be successful, a well organized and standard business plan is the most required document because it provides the bases on how you intend to achieve your business goals, it also gives an insight into how you intend to operate. It also gives clearness and assurance to partners and investors. Though all these are not the only criterial to impress the home office officials. They often ensure you comply with the requirement of Tier 1 entrepreneur visa which is the reason they critically review your business plan as part of the genuine entrepreneurship test. Such requirements are;

  • You must show evidence of self-sufficiency: You must show you have a enough money and must not depend on a third party to meet up with your needs.

  • You must show evidence of required funds available to you and the purpose and thereafter which is investment.

  • Self-employment: You must prove that you do not have the intention of working in the UK except with your business only.

  • You must prove you are skilled in the knowledge of English language.

It also important to note that under the entrepreneur visa direction, you must attest to the fact that you can establish or become a director of a business in the UK within six months of being granted entry visa to the United Kingdom. A Tier 1 entrepreneur visa plan must certainly provide detailed information about your business. This is to convince the home office officials that your business can add value to the UK economy by providing employment opportunity for settled persons in the UK.

Your business plan should also reflect on your experience and knowledge of the market sector in the UK which your business will operate, your academic qualification and your experience working in another sector.


From experience, one of the best ways to scale through the genuine test is to do a thorough research on your proposed business. Prove that your knowledge of the intended business is broad ranging from the customers to the suppliers and even your competitors. Therefore, your business plan should include the following;

  • Full details of your business including the products and services you render.

  • Expenditure: This is what your investment funds will be spent on.

  • Experience and qualification.

  • What your customers wants and ways to reach them.

  • Business modules and strategies

  • Your staff and their roles

  • Registration

  • Professional advisors


Our team of experts can put together a good and presentable business plan for a successful application under a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa document. Entrust your drafting and document to us today and we shall deliver fittingly.

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