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Making a successful application under Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa.

Entrepreneurs and investors have attracted suitors from practically every part of the world and UK are no exceptions to this fact. The UK government has stated in clear terms how they intend to make it a business-friendly area for those with passion, creativity and drive to set up job creation businesses. However, UK in particular takes exceptions to factors that can count against the success of entrepreneur’s applications. Such factors are;

  1. Information and evidence: It is necessary to supply important and detailed information of your person when filling the application form if you want to be successful as an applicant under tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. in doing this, you have to provide all original documents to back up your claims. You also have to prove that you are a director in a company that has been set up and has the intention of doing business in the UK.

  2. Evidence of applicant having access to a required amount for maintenance purposes: The said fund must be in applicant’s UK bank account for three uninterrupted months (that is 90 days) and evidence must be presented by the bank for verification and onward review.

  3. Proficiency in the use of English language: This is a key factor in a successful application under Tier 1 entrepreneur. It is a standard that English is the language of communication and business in the UK. Therefore, the use of English language is vital for free flow of business activities.

  4. Having a genuine motive to set up a business: This should be the primary requirement if you want to be successful as an applicant under tier 1 entrepreneur. It is advisable to have a genuine intent in setting up a business in the UK as it is one of the factors they consider before your application can be giving a full attention. It is also important to familiarize yourself with a good business plan.

  5. Pay attention to small things: Overtime, facts have emerged that multiple applications have been rejected due to negligence in the areas of getting small things done properly. For instance, a passport photograph that is not sized to standard can deny your application for entry. Likewise, if you don’t supply correct details during payment by card, then you stand a chance of getting easy refusal.

  6. Clarity and simplicity: Try as much as you can to keep your business plan simple and understandable. Don’t forget that the home office officials assessing your business plans are apparently without any world business experience. Therefore, ensure your business plan can be easily understood by anyone either inside or outside your field. For more information on this you can visit our page getting started on a business plan.

  7. Study the policy guidance and immigration rules: The immigration rules and policy guidance are very important in the UK immigration law. As an applicant for Tier 1 entrepreneur visa, you must be conversant with this detail. It is a fact that these policy guidance and immigration rules are not stable. Feel free to contact us for a collection of new immigration laws and policy guidance.

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