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Having worked with many hundreds of business owners, from start-ups to large corporations, we know that every business is different. We do not provide "off the shelf" business plans – instead – we offer a uniquely bespoke and reliable service for both new and established companies.

Business Plan Writing Process

01 Free Telephone Consultation
This is where we have an informal discussion so we can discover more about you, your business and the purpose of the business plan. It also gives you the chance to ask us any questions. No hard sell, no sales pitch, just an opportunity to see if we're a good fit and whether we are the right company to help you.

02 Business Plan Questionnaire
Once we've agreed to work together, I will email over a questionnaire for you to complete (as well my T&Cs). Tier 1 BP will use the information supplied to begin work on the "body" of the business plan. Ultimately the quality of the plan will depend on the quality of information you provide – so the more detailed the better! That said it is very likely your allocated business plan writer will need to draw more information from you as s/he writes the business plan. This often the case when we come to the number crunching bit i.e. the financial forecasting.

03 Completing the Draft Business Plan
It can take between 3-4 weeks to complete the draft business plan, depending on the complexity of the plan, the degree of information already provided and what additional details we need from you. We can and often work to specific deadlines, however, this will depend on my workload at the time. Much of this time is spent researching your target demographic, your industry, competitor analysis and developing a comprehensive marketing section. As mentioned previously, you will receive a completely bespoke and detailed business plan.

04 Review of Business Plan
Once we have sent over the draft business plan, you have 7 days to review and email back any specific amendments. We always urge our clients to read the plan thoroughly at this stage. We then incorporate any amendments in to the business plan, and once the remaining balance has been paid, you will receive both a Word document and pdf version of the business plan, the financial forecasts, appendices – including any additional information I have sourced which you might like to keep on file for reference.

What's included in the Business Plan

My business plans include the following:

  • Executive Summary

  • Financial Summary

  • Business History & Objectives

  • Directors' Background

  • Service/Product Description

  • Market Research

  • Customer Profile

  • Market Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Sales & Marketing Strategy

  • Operations

  • Premises

  • Legal Requirements

  • Management & Staff

  • Financial Analysis

  • Financial Forecasts
    (e.g. Cash Flow Forecast and P&L Account)

  • Relevant Appendices


We don’t just write, our team of professional often conduct a detailed research on business modules to find out which strategy fits your business plan before writing. We also use creative tendencies in introducing your business plans which often makes it sellable to clients. Tier 1 Business plan also offer a range of services as it suits your convenience.  We usually identify the weak points of your business ideas and draft a catalogue to analyze the stronghold of what your business proposals can have on your targeted client or customers. That is to say, we create a business plan that fits into your exact needs. The benefits of our services include but not restricted to offering of free consultations, preparing a brochure that can serve as a business guide or a prospectus that offers directives on business strategies and services. We also offer ethical norms in our writings on how to identify a business-friendly atmosphere for easy operations. It is a known fact that, it is not every proposal that wins a business. Therefore, as professionals we tend to create a sales conversation with your clients first to know what they want before writing so as to pave way for opportunities that can seal a business deal. As your consultants we often thrive hard to guide you on how to create a business relationship with a client before throwing forth your proposals as that prepares you against the challenges that may arise eventually. We also offer professional review on cases. Incase you must have prepared your business plan, feel free to contact us as we will review the entire business plan and make amendments and recommendations if the need arises. We are your sure link to a business success. We are a solution. Partner with us today on strategies of how you can grow business ideas.



Business Matching

Our experts are able to match you with the best UK business that suits your credentials and current business portfolio. A key aspect here is compatibility and long term goals.

Multi Disciplinary Team

The team at Tier 1 Business plans comprise of experts from various background. A business plan with us will normally receive inputs from our various experts.

Timely Delivery

We understand that you do not have eternity to prepare your business plan. Our consultants are able to delivery a bespoke business plan on time.