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Tier 1 business plan for UK entrepreneur success.

Haven worked in this field for a while we have noted that a whole lot of Tier 1 entrepreneur visa applicant who tried writing their business plans themselves have been turned down by the home office as it pertains visa application. The success rate of clients that have been approved with the business plan they wrote themselves are minimal and most often, majority of such clients always have their visa application rejected. Business plan is the key factor for the success of Tier 1 entrepreneur visa therefore, if you must have a good tier 1 business plan then the following should be putting into consideration;

  • Duplicating an already existing Business plan: This is one of the commonest mistakes often done by Tier 1 entrepreneur visa applicants usually make. They tend to copy business plan from other sources like the internet forgetting the fact that home office officials have methods of detecting plagiarism and once this is noticed in your business plan then your application must suffer setback.

  • Keep your business plan viable: It is possible that your business plans may not be feasible as easily stated in your business plan or it may not necessarily need the €200K investment funds which might be unknown to you but if you engage Tier! business plan professionals for your visa application, we will review your business plan to see if your business model is viable for the home office.

  • Keep your business plan simple: You have to understand the differences between a standardized business plan and a simple and modified business plan. When writing a business plan, always ensure to narrow your business concept with simplicity so as to meet up with the requirement of the Home office at least for funds spent and the numbers of employees. It is not necessary that your business must carry all the certification before it can be dim fit by the UK government.

  • Poor knowledge of the market: Most investors venture into business without doing proper market research. As seasoned and proven professionals based in the UK, we are familiar with the terrain of UK markets and have devised a marketing strategy on how to improve on the sales of products and service delivery.

  • Understanding UK financial system: One of the most important policies of the UK is their tax system. Always ensure you engage reputable accountants who have facts about the UK tax policy to handle this. Clients who tried doing this themselves end up failing. Remember, your business plans are dependent on your finances and the home office officials always love seeing a balancing between both.


Our team of experts can put together a good and presentable business plan for a successful application under a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa document. Entrust your drafting and document to us today and we shall deliver fittingly.

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