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Tier 1 Entrepreneur Business Plan – Tech Boom

If you have a tech idea that you believe can take off and £200,000 of investible assets then you can apply to live and start your business in the UK as a Tier 1 entrepreneur. This visa route allows entrepreneurs with seed funding to enter the UK to start their business. The application process is not easy and one of the main stumbling blocks of the application process is the requirement for a strong business plan. The Tier 1 entrepreneur business plan ensures that applicants have an idea for a business that is likely to be successful and is the document that forms the backbone of a successful application.

The current tech boom around the world that is being propelled by "unicorns" such as Uber means that tech innovation is in a boom period. This current boom offers many opportunities for skilled entrepreneurs to thrive, especially in markets like the UK. The Tier 1 visa route offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter the UK and take advantage of these conditions.

So what next? Well first off you'll need a strong idea! Once that is settled you will need to either have or attract some seed funding for your business idea so that you can satisfy the Home Office requirements. Once you have all that in place you can then start to formulate your business plan, it's at this stage that you might want to consider some outside counsel. Firms such as ours have a lot of experience specialised in the field and can help put together the perfect business plan for your "unicorn" idea. Let us help you succeed at the application stage so that you can get on with the hard work of setting up and running your business.

There has never been a better time for a tech startup, with seed funding and venture capitalists all looking to snap up the next Uber, the market has never been more buoyant, or receptive to tech innovation and the entrepreneurs who make it happen. These options mean that talented entrepreneurs such as you can harness the funding world to make sure that your business has all the funding and support that it could possibly need. The other plus point of seed funding is that they normally come with some mentoring, where experienced business brains will lend their support to help you get your business off of the ground.

So why not take your first step towards your future today and get in touch. Our experienced staff are ready and waiting to help turn your idea into a reality. Let us be a key piece in your overall strategy for success and drive you to get that application accepted that helps the rest fall into place. We are setup to cater for entrepreneurs such as yourself so what are you waiting for?