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Tier 1 worth the risk

If you're looking to setup a business in the UK as an entrepreneur, then the tier 1 entrepreneur visa could be the best route. Once eligibility criteria have been met, the UK allows the visa holder to stay for a term of 3 years and 4 months. The requirement for a solid financial base and a high quality and informative business plan mean that rejection rates are high (over 50%). So the question remains, is it worth the risk?

The answer is, it depends. As long as the applicant can hit the eligibility criteria, the most important of these being a strong business plan, £50,000 available to invest and a strong level of English language; then the answer is certainly yes. The visa in allowing a stay of at least 3 years and 4 months is the most generous of those offered by the British government for permission to stay in the UK. But the process is arduous and expensive. It will certainly test the skills and resolve of the applicant.

The application process itself consists of submitting a business plan.among other documents. This business plan will need to be highly detailed, and give immigration officials an opportunity to dive deep into the details of the business. This is where the use of business plan writers comes into play. Whilst the applicant could use one of the many templates that are available on the internet, any immigration official worth their wages will spot them very early, and surely reject the application. There's also no chance that these templates will give a truly individual insight into a business as they weren't crafted specifically for it. The use of a business plan writer with a background of successful applications means that the applicant has given themselves the best chance of success. British officials work very hard in order to detect fraudulent applications, and dive very deep into finances and the business plan in order to filter out those who aren't genuinely an entrepreneur.

So if the applicant fits this criteria then they should apply;

Has at least £50,000 available to invest

  • Has strong enough English language skills to pass a test
  • Has a solid and well written business plan that will convince an immigration official of how genuine they are

If any of those basic criteria cannot be met, then the applicant should not apply for the tier 1 entrepreneur visa, as they will have an extremely poor chance of acceptance. But all of these things are attainable, and if setting up in the UK is still a dream, then the potential applicant could work towards them.

For those that do fit the criteria then great! Go ahead and apply, they will have a very good chance of acceptance, as long as they have studied the UK and its rules and regulations, and have the financial stability and business plan to convince the immigration official of success.