Representative of an overseas business, Business plan


Tier 1 VISA operates on the Point Based System. It serves as a replacement to the Highly Skilled migrant program, Business person Visa, Investor Visa and Post study work Visa. The points based immigration system is the means of controlling immigration to the UK from outside the EEA (Eu-ropean Economic Area). This system was established and implemented by the UKBA (UK Border Agency).

In order to be eligible to apply under certain categories that are under this Point Based System like the Innovator Visa category, the applicants must have a Sponsor which is recognized by the UKBA register of sponsors. These sponsors need a license to be accepted by the UKBA. The li-censes can be applied for if;

  • The potential sponsor(s) is/are (a) legal organization(s) in the United Kingdom
  • The sponsor(s) is/are not a threat to immigration control
  • The sponsoring party meets up with its sponsorship obligations
These are just measures to ensure that those working or studying in the UK do so legally.


This is a UK visa category for accomplished entrepreneurs who want to establish an inventive trade in the UK. It replaces the Business person Visa (Tier 1 entrepreneur visa). The investment requirement is fifty thousand pounds (£50'000) and the applicant needs to be sponsored by a sponsoring body. You are legible if you are not a National of the EEA and of Switzerland and also if you plan on setting up business in the United Kingdom obviously. Again, to set up business in the UK, your business or business Idea MUST be sponsored by a LICENSED SPONSOR.All this hammering on sponsorship is why it is mandatory to have a means of securing sponsors and what better means do you have than a brilliant Business Plan?


A business plan is the major key to determining the success of a trade before it is even set up. It is a piece of well-struc-tured data and information that guide the path of a business Idea and carries along everyone involved. By everyone, I mean investors and sponsors because, to be honest, they play a very major role in the success of the business. An Inno-vator Business plan will help you to;

  1. Certify the usefulness of your Idea, product or service
  2. Evaluate the market power
  3. Verify that there is a demand for whatever you're selling (Idea, product or service).
It also helps provide the necessary credibility to your sponsors and focus. Your business plan is what sells your Idea to the investors and sponsors.

To accomplish that singular mission; your business plan should demonstrate how you would promote and make profit from your product or service, the capability and maturity of your team, how you will account for expenditure and income and how the investors and sponsors will able to realize their profits in return. Of course your plan should include an overview of your product/service, its security in the market, its target market/audience, its competition and so on. All of these are factors that sponsors consider before investing in your venture. To wrap it up, it is advisable that before you go ahead and apply for the Visa, your business plan must be enticing enough to attract sponsors and not just any sponsors but licensed sponsors.


Tier 1 Business plan offers a range of services as it suits your convenience. We would identify the weak points of your business ideas and draft a catalogue to analyze the stronghold of what your business proposals can have on your tar-geted client or customers. That is to say, we would create a business plan that fits into your exact needs. We are your sure link to a business and Visa application success. Partner with us today.