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Turkish Businessperson Business plan

The European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) with Turkey, known as the Ankara Agreement, allows Turkish nationals to enter the UK and establish themselves as a self-employed business person or as a worker in a business in the UK. If you are a Turkish citizen and looking to establish your company in the United Kingdom, you can opt for a business visa (dubbed the “Turkish Businessperson” visa) , the visa can also be used if you plan to take part in an existing business venture in the UK (as opposed to setting up one from scratch).

In order to qualify to come and establish a business in the UK, you must prove that you have sufficient funds and assets to establish your business. Also, your share of profit will be enough to support you and your family without you needing to have another job or rely on public funds. If you are joining an existing company or partnership you will also need to show that you have an active part in running the business with a genuine need for services and investment.

Our team of experts and highly experienced business plan consultants specialized in drafting business plans for the UK immigration is available to provide you with the necessary assistance you need and collaborate with you to create an exquisite business plan. If You are looking to support your application within the business plan by detailing how your investment is going to be utilized and demonstrated, Our main objective for writing a business plan is to achieve the following;

There are a few immigration visa where you require to put a comprehensive business plan and the Turkish Businessperson visa, the Innovator Visa and Startup Visa are good examples. These visas are often granted (or denied) primarily based on your business plan and the plan is not something that you gloss over.

  • Provide a clear indication of revenues, profits and costs and demonstrate the course of your business, to be granted financial support. A marketing plan may also ensure that your application is treated positively.

  • Add clarity for the business owner and also be used to obtain financing, attract investors, support growth, and provide a clear road map to your success.

  • Assessing your key strength and opportunities and how they compare with your weaknesses and potential threats.

  • Identifying your major competitors and how they conduct their businesses in the market

  • We understand your business plan and add valuable insight to the process that help you to build your business.

If you are a Turkish business person planning to move to the UK to start a business, it is likely that you are looking at the Turkish businessperson visa. This visa allows you to set up, develop and direct a business in the UK. As well as meeting the many eligibility requirements, you will be required as part of your Turkish businessperson visa application to submit a business plan.

While making a business plan may seem like an administrative burden, many of our clients have found that a business plan helps them clarify exactly how they are going to execute their strategy and make the business successful.  The plan will add clarity for the owner but can also be used in obtaining finances, attract investors, support growth, and provide a clear road map to your success. Business owners seeking entrée to the UK market should seriously consider the multi-faceted purposes offered by way of a professional Business Plan. Not only will it be a catalyst to the success of the visa application that is critical to developing full-scale UK operations, but it will certainly be the impetus to the company’s short- and long-term success.

How we can help?

With our expertise and experience in Visa and Immigration related issues over the years, we understand the system upon which the Home Office officials operate and what they are looking for in a Business Visa Business plan. Do feel free to book a date with us.

Our team of experts can put together a good and presentable detailed business plan for a successful application under a Turkish Businessperson Visa. Entrust your drafting and document to us today and we shall deliver fittingly.

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