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What should a business plan for Tier 1 entrepreneur visa include?

It is a known fact that Tier 1 entrepreneur visa afford a non-UK citizen the opportunity to start and own a business in the United Kingdom. This investment prospect, however can be realistic only if the basic requirement of the UK government is met. Such requirements are:

  • Evidence of access to investment funds which is usually within the range of either 50.000 or 200.000. Although this is subject to change within the UK authority.

  • Tier 1 entrepreneur is usually rated on a scale of points. This means that in order for your application to be approved you must have scored not less than 95 points. 20 points out of the 95 points are awarded for proving to would have added value to the economy of UK by establishing a new business which enhances economic growth and creates job opportunity for settled persons in the UK.

  • Reliable information is a key factor too. You must always ensure the information you provide must be accurate and reliable and must also in line with the rest of your applications.

Business plan is an important component in any entrepreneur hence it must be written in clear terms and simple analogy. In order to meet up with the requirements of home office, your business plan should also include the following;

  • Supplying a detailed information about you, especially background information, your qualification and experience as it relates to your business.

  • You have to conduct a comprehensive market research to know the kind of goods or service you intend to render. Also, you have to know your customers and evaluate what they want and as well know the strength and week points of your direct competitors.

  • Implore a marketing strategy in your business plan and make sure you make provisions for in your business plan on how you intend to effectively manage your business and how you aim to build your staff structure.


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