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Tier 1 Entrepreneur business plans - why you should not use a template

For budding entrepreneurs trying to enter the UK, the tier 1 entrepreneur visa is an excellent opportunity to enter the UK in order to start a business. But with a tough application process that requires the submission of a tier 1 entrepreneur visa business plan, that rejects at least 50% of applicants there is a burgeoning market in trying to sell premade business plan templates to would be applicants.

So why shouldn't an applicant use one? Well, it is tempting to use a premade template but immigration officials are very wise to potential scams. The UK has high levels of inward migration. The country also has a Conservative government that has on many occasions try to reduce the migration figures. Inward migration is a high profile political sore point in the UK, this has been proven in no small part by the UK's referendum decision to leave the European union. This decision has once again bought the issue of inward migration to the fore.

Apart from the obvious reason above, there is also the point that a template isn't going to uncover the intricate parts that make a business tick. It also will not display the quality or knowledge of the applicant. This is where business plan writing services come to the fore. These experienced firms will take an applicant through the process and at the end produce a coherent and well thought out business plan that should satisfy even the most stringent of immigration officials. They will also sufficiently prepare the applicant for any interview that they may face. These interviews will be an opportunity for officials to drill down into the details of the application, and the applicant will need to be fully briefed in order to perform well in them.

The use of a template will almost certainly result in a swift rejection, it may also affect any future applications, so their use is strongly warned against. They offer nowhere near the anticipated depth of information that will be expected. They will also likely to have been seen by officials before and will likely be rejected on that basis alone, with no other consideration given to the quality or financial stability of the applicant.

The use of a well-structured business plan is most certainly the tried and tested route to even be considered for the tier 1 entrepreneur visa. It will give the applicant the highest chance of success, and potential access to one of the world's most diverse economies. The British government are more than aware that the UK is an attractive proposition, but they work hard to ensure that only those who can support themselves and are genuine entrepreneurs can enter via the tier 1 visa. The advice to applicants is to ensure that they arm themselves with the best business plan possible to increase their chances of success.

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