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Why a business plan is the fundamental part of a Tier 1 application

The bar for Tier 1 entrepreneur visa applicants is set pretty high in the application process. The UK currently has a policy of trying to reduce immigration to the country and with a right wing Conservative government in power, you can be assured that they mean it. But that doesn't mean that getting into the UK is impossible, indeed with the right help far from it. Though you must understand the UK offers some very attractive markets along with the experience and expertise to get seed ventures off of the ground. There's also some of the World's finest venture capitalists and for the right business, there will always be a home.

As we that the bar is set high, the UK wants to ensure that the Tier 1 visa system doesn't become an avenue for those with enough funds to bypass the system and buy their way in. So even though you will already have the funds available to apply that is no guarantee that you're going to just walk in. Indeed the rejection rate for Tier 1 is high, it has been at 50% and above at times and this shows that it is not straightforward. So what are immigration officials looking for? A strong business plan. Ok so there are other things, they want to ensure that you have the funds and that you haven't overstayed a visa in the past but the business plan is the key document.

So how do you ensure that your business plan is what they're looking for? Well, that isn't necessarily straightforward. Immigration officials are looking to see whether an entrepreneur is genuine, a strong business plan along with financial backup is going to make a strong case that the business is genuine. They're also looking for a reasonable chance of success. While an immigration official is unlikely to be a master business advisor, they will dig deep into your potential business and decide whether or not there is a viable business being proposed. This is going to be the key to the success of the application and as such it is vital that not only is the business plan of sufficient quality but that the applicant is also fully conversant of what they're trying to achieve and how they're going to do it.

If this all sounds a little like what you're trying to achieve then why not enlist our services? We are well versed in taking your business and presenting it in a clear and coherent manner that will satisfy immigration chiefs that you are a genuine applicant with a chance of making your business idea come true. We provide an end to end process that ensures not only is your business plan up to scratch but that you are well prepared so that you can present your case. If this is of interest then get in touch today and let us get the ball rolling.