Business Plan Writing Service


Why it makes sense to use a plan writer

When a foreign based entrepreneur is looking to set up a business within the United Kingdom they have the option of applying for a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa. This visa allows the entrepreneur to stay in the United Kingdom and run a business for an initial term of 3 years and 4 months. But one of the biggest issues to address is the application process itself, and the dreaded tier 1 entrepreneur business plan

The tier 1 entrepreneur visa allows a foreign based entrepreneur a foothold into one of the world's most diverse and lucrative markets. This is all dependent on strict eligibility criteria as set out by the British government. But with immigration a high target, getting a visa to setup as an entrepreneur isn't a straightforward task. One of the biggest hurdles is convincing UK immigration officials that the business idea is solid. This is where specialist plan writers come in. Using the right firm is essential. The right firm is likely to be very experienced and has a straightforward procedure in place. They will be well versed in preparing professional and highly detailed business plans that will convince immigration officials of the applicant's ability to create and run the proposed business.

There are many firms that offer such a service, so it's prudent to search around for not only a competitive price but more important is making sure that the firm is up to the job. Whilst it is more than tempting to save some money and just use a template from the internet, this is very unlikely to be missed by an immigration official. These officials are well used to spotting templates and such applications are likely to be swiftly denied. So to increase the likelihood of acceptance, the applicant should use an outside company to produce a business plan for them.

So what services should the entrepreneur expect? Well, they should expect to have a detailed interview conducted, and be prepared extensively on British laws. It is very likely that a lot of technical questions will be asked of the applicant and the firm should ensure that the applicant is fully aware of all guidelines that could affect the applicants business. British law is very in depth especially when it comes to business dealings, and a strong business plan coupled with strong knowledge of the law and the overall market will be vital to a successful application.

Overall the visa is an excellent opportunity for an entrepreneur to get into one of the world's strongest economies, but with strong competition, the accompanying business plan needs to be extremely solid. If the business plan is solid and the eligibility criteria can be met, then the chance of a successful applicant is very good. The UK welcomes inward investment and will welcome entrepreneurs with strong business ideas and the money to fund them.